How To Look For A Fence Contractor

How To Look For A Fence Contractor

Why Wood Is The Best Choice For A Brand New Fence

Taylor Woods

Homeowners looking to have a fence installed around their backyards have a few options for materials. The best way to give your home a very traditional look is by using wood. Not only does it blend in great with surrounding flower, plants, and grass, but it also has the following 4 benefits.

Wood Can Provide Natural Protection

If you decide on using wood, you should consider using cedar specifically. That is because cedar is very durable due to the wood's natural properties. It contains oils that will protect the wood from rot, moisture, and pests. Cedar will also provide a very pleasant aroma that will enter your yard when a breeze comes through.

Cedar too expensive for your budget? Consider pine as a viable alternative. Pine can be pressure treated to provide the same type of protection against those annoying pests like carpenter ants and terminates.

Wood Ages With Beauty

Some homeowners want a wood fence to look consistent throughout the years, and you can do that with regular sanding and staining. If you want to go the low-maintenance route, you can feel confident knowing that there is a beauty to wood that ages naturally over time. The gray tone can add a rustic charm that is very difficult to replicate other than through aged wood.

Wood Is Very Versatile

Other materials like metal chain-link fencing lack the options that wood has, especially when it comes to privacy. You can select a wood fence that you cannot see through at all for maximum privacy, a picket fence that is more for decoration than security, or a shadowbox fence that lets in natural light but makes it hard to see through it.

Wood fencing also comes in variants such as lattice style fencing, which can be great for growing vines through the holes to add more beauty to your yard. You definitely are not stuck with basic options when using wood, because it provides many possibilities for homeowners.

Wood Can Easily Be Painted

Chain-link fences are covered in a vinyl coating to give the metal a different color, and vinyl fences can be very difficult to paint because of the super smooth surface. You will not have these issues with wood. You just sand the wood and paint it a new color whenever you are ready to change things up. It's definitely a job you can do all on your own.

Does a wood fence sound like it will work best for your home? Then contact a contractor in your area that can perform the installation for you. One company that might be able to assist you is Lindsey Fence Co.


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