How To Look For A Fence Contractor

How To Look For A Fence Contractor

Having a Fence Installed? Consider Potential Problems with Your Neighbors

Taylor Woods

A new fence can cause some tension to occur between you and your neighbors. Here are a couple problems that you may run into during fence installation.

The Ugly Side of the Fence

Your neighbor may be in favor of putting a fence up between your yards, but may not be too excited to look at the "ugly" side of it. Most fences have a side that looks nice with all of the fence boards facing into the yard, and an opposite side that exposes the support beams and fence posts that keep the fence together.

You may want to consider a fence that looks great on both sides so that there is not an unappealing side a neighbor has to look at. If you are going with wood for your fencing material, a shadowbox fence is a good compromise where both sides look exactly the same. Fence boards are slightly overlapped with each other to allow a little bit of light in, and both sides see a limited amount of support beams

Vinyl fences can be a viable option as well, as they look completely identical on both sides of the fence due to the way they are manufactured. If you are sharing the beauty you may be able to get your neighbor to contribute to the cost of the fence as well.

Property Line Disputes

You may be tempted to skip having a land survey performed, but this is a crucial step that should always be done. Even if you are planning to replace your existing fence, it is possible that the original fence was never installed correctly.

If your current neighbors are fine with an incorrect fence placement, that doesn't mean that future neighbors will be just as relaxed about it. Land surveys are routinely done when homes are sold, and it may be discovered that your fence is installed on the property of a neighbor much later on.

Survey problems could lead to having to tear down your fence later to rebuild it on your land or needing your neighbor to grant an easement so that you can legally have the fence on their property. Easements can involve paying an appropriate portion of your neighbor's property taxes for the partial use of their land.

If you keep these two things in mind when installing a fence, you shouldn't have any issues with your neighbors, and hopefully everyone can enjoy the benefits of the fence.


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