How To Look For A Fence Contractor

How To Look For A Fence Contractor

Keep Your Backyard Free Of Hazards To Your Children

Taylor Woods

You use your backyard for a number of activities, such as working on household projects and relaxing. It's also used by your children as their personal playground. Make sure you know what items in the yard are hazardous to your kids. Even the smallest items, like a garden trowel or a can of lighter fluid for the grill, can injure a child. Here are some reminders of what dangers could be in your backyard and how to make the yard a safe place for everyone.

Equipment and Tools

Garden and landscaping tools may look like toys to your children. But if handled improperly, the hedge clippers and garden hoe can seriously injure children. Pick up any tools not being actively used and lock them up in a tool shed or locker. Electrical tools should always be unplugged when not used, especially where water is nearby, such as a garden hose. An electric drill in the hands of a child with wet feet poses a risk of shock.

Larger motorized equipment, such as lawn mowers and tillers, should be locked up. If that's not possible, disconnect the spark plug wire, battery wire, or other sources of power so a child can't accidentally turn it on.

Pesticide and Other Chemicals

It only takes a child to splash pesticide in their eyes to cause a medical emergency. All chemicals not being used should be stored in a locked storage area. This includes fertilizers, pesticides, gasoline, kerosene, paint thinner and other solvents. If you have a pool, keep the pool chemicals locked up.

Backyard Pools

It's a heartbreaking fact that drowning is one of the highest causes of death for children aged one to four, and the majority of those drownings occur in home swimming pools. Your biggest defense against this personal disaster is to secure the pool with proper fencing.

Professional fencing companies like Sarasota Fence Inc can show you a variety of child-safe fencing. These have a smaller mesh to prevent hands and feet from becoming stuck in the fence. It also makes the fence difficult to climb. The enclosure should have a locking gate that swings shut and automatically locks behind someone entering or leaving the pool area. Even if you have a strict policy of no children in the backyard unless supervised by an adult, a child that slips out of the house unnoticed can drown quickly in an unsecured pool.

Backyard Playground Hazards

Areas set up specifically for your children to play in can be hazardous. Before letting children play in the yard, check the "fall zone" under swings, slides and anything that can be climbed up on. A screwdriver in the dirt under the swing set becomes a dangerous item if fallen on.


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