How To Look For A Fence Contractor

How To Look For A Fence Contractor

Neighbor Trouble? Try These Solutions

Taylor Woods

In a perfect world, neighbors would all get along with one another. The kids next door would play nicely with yours, and apple pies and welcome baskets would show up unexpectedly on doorsteps like magic. In real life, neighbors sometimes have disputes that range in seriousness from minor nuisances to criminal activity. Before you move house and run away from neighbor troubles, try these possible solutions.

Extend the Hand of Forgiveness

Oftentimes, neighbor disputes are the result of misunderstanding due to a lack of really getting to know each other. Deep friendships often develop when one person decides to forget and forgive instead of harboring resentment.

Consider being the one to extend the hand of forgiveness. Make a firm resolve to actually forgive your neighbor, and to never think or speak of the issue again. If you can do this, and you are met with welcome, you may find that getting over that one hurdle enabled you both to enjoy a better friendship.

Offer Polite Suggestions

If your neighbor's barking dog is the issue, it's not unkind to offer polite suggestions to alleviate the problem. In some cases, the dog might only bark when the owner is away, and they are unaware of the issue. You might suggest professional dog training, or a bark collar, or some other option to keep the dog quiet and happy.

Erect a Fence

If your neighbor's kids are causing a problem with your kids, things are trickier. Not many parents welcome negative comments about their children. In this instance, it is often simpler to place a boundary between your property and theirs, in the form of a fence. This way, your kids can play without being disturbed by your neighbor's kids. A privacy fence can go a long way toward solving all kinds of neighbor problems, like trash in your yard, a pet that leaves droppings on your property, snooping neighbors, and more. Contact a company like Hinesville Fence to learn more.

Keep a Record

If your neighbors' behavior is a matter for the police, you would do well to keep a record of disturbances. It's not uncommon for neighbors to receive a police warning, only to continue the behavior again in a few days or weeks. In order to facilitate any permanent legal action that may become necessary in the future, write down details of the incidents, including dates and times. These can be submitted to police later as evidence.

Your lifestyle shouldn't be risked or ruined by disruptive neighbors. Use these ideas to help improve your situation.


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