How To Look For A Fence Contractor

How To Look For A Fence Contractor

An Inside Look At The Advantages Of Glass Deck Railing On A Residential Balcony

Taylor Woods

A balcony on your home adds an extra layer of functionality and architectural interest to your home, but must be well thought out to be the most aesthetically pleasing and safe. Perhaps the primary design component of the balcony is the railing that is installed around its perimeter. Even though glass railing boasts incredible advantages, it is often overlooked by homeowners. Before you skip over glass balcony railing in favor of a more traditional style like wood or metal, it is a good idea to get to know the advantages that this seamless railing style can provide. 

Get a crystal-clear view of the area beyond your balcony. 

If you have a view worth admiring from your balcony, whether it is a city skyline or a picturesque mountain view, you will definitely want to have the view to your full advantage. Unfortunately, with traditional railing slats in place, being seated on your balcony will also mean that most of your view will be obstructed. Clear glass railing panels can be installed in a way that offers you an almost seamless view from a seated position on your balcony. Even the rails that hold the panels in place can be so slim and so low-profile in their design that they are hardly visible at all. 

Eliminate the obscured and cluttered look of traditional railing. 

A balcony is a nice home feature to have, but the look of traditional railing will also crowd the view of the exterior of your house. Glass railing does not obstruct the architectural glory of the exterior of your home. Onlookers from the street or down below will only see that you have a nice balcony on your home and still get to take in the exterior features that make the home attractive. 

Enjoy a solid, safe enclosure around your balcony. 

While traditional railing in a slatted style offers protection from falls, it is not completely solid at all. Slatted rail designs are easier for little feet to climb on if a child is trying to make their way over the balcony railing and even easier for small pets to slip right through. On the contrary, glass railing is created with large and solid panels of tempered glass with little-to-no gaps at all between the panels. Therefore, climbing on the panels would be quite difficult and there is not enough space for anything to make its way through. 

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