How To Look For A Fence Contractor

How To Look For A Fence Contractor

Should You Choose An Iron Or Steel Fence?

Taylor Woods

If you like the look of black metal fencing, you'll have to choose between the more traditional wrought iron and more modern steel fences. Both iron and steel have their advantages and disadvantages. Here's a look at how these two types of fences compare.


Both iron and steel are very hard, strong metals. Steel is somewhat stronger. (In fact, steel was originally manufactured as a stronger alternative to iron.) So, if you'd like a fence that does the absolute best job of keeping others out and resisting damage, steel might be best. However, iron is certainly not a bad choice since it would still be very tough to break through or cut through.


Iron fences do rust. You'll have to keep up with maintaining an iron fence, sanding down any rusty spots and covering them with rust-proof paint on a regular basis to prevent extensive damage. Stainless steel does not rust, though it will eventually begin corroding with age. An iron fence will last longer if well cared for, but steel will require less maintenance over its lifetime.


Iron fencing is very heavy. This makes it more difficult to install. You may have a hard time finding a fencing company that works with iron fencing for this reason, and the company may charge you more for installation since the job will require numerous workers and a lot of time. Steel fencing is lighter in weight than iron, so it will be easier to install. If you're handy, you can purchase steel fencing at a home improvement store and install it yourself. This would be incredibly difficult with iron fencing due to its weight.


Black steel fencing and black iron fencing look almost exactly the same when they're new. Over time, if the iron begins rusting and the rust is not addressed, the iron will appear less pristine than steel.  In general, however, both of these types of fencing will give your estate the stately, pristine look you desire.


Cost varies widely based on the size and style of fencing you choose, the company you work with, and how challenging it is to install fencing on your land. You'll pay more for both types of fencing if your property is hilly or if you choose an intricate design. Neither steel or iron fencing is cheap, and costs are comparable. Expect to pay between $35 and $74 per foot for wrought iron fencing (including installation) or $31 to $73 per foot for steel fencing (including installation).

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